Easy peasy!

Hooray! I finished ChicKami and one of the skirts. The skirt was tres simple. The project was 4 hours from cut to finish. Also working on the pleated skirt. It's sewing up much faster than the first skirt beacuse I don't have to line up the herringbone. The first skirt was cut at a diagonal, and lining up the front center seam was slow going.

ChicKami was fun. I calculated my pattern for a 32" finished measurement and shortened it by 2". There is lots of the Linen Drape left. I was thinking knitting the pattern again with a v-front. Wondering how to calculate the stitches get the desired pattern...hmmm.

Believe it or not I am trying to finish up Nancy. I've figured out the placement for the buttonholes on the second front placket.

Here's me and my ChicKami.

ChicKami and skirt