Weekend re-cap

I had an enjoyable weekend. Did some hard labor, grilled some meat, bought some yarn and started more projects.

Started the weekend with a bite to eat.

A view from the taco place we ate at.

Busy evening on the lake.

Participated in an after dinner sporting event. I lost the foosball match. The score was close, though.

Watched 24 Hour Party People that had I rented last week and had to take back on Saturday. Knowing nothing about the Manchester music culture of f the seventies and eighties I still found the movie interesting. Lot's of humorous moments. Funny Mancurians!! I highly recommend it. Steve Coogan of I'm Alan Partridge fame is great. He's one of the funniest comdiens around. Too bad America has not discovered him, or maybe that's a good thing.

On Saturday we helped some friends move and their friends invited us to a barbeque.

I visited my LYS to purchase a skein of Opal. My first self patterning socks.

Then returned on Sunday to purchase some Rowan Linen Drape (It was 30% off. I couldn’t resist.)

I’ll be using it knit ChicKami.

Also visited the fabric store and got these.

Get a load of that crazy seventies print ? I'm not making that dress.

These two herringbone fabrics are what I plan to use for the skirts. I'm debating whether to make two of the same (B) or B and E .

This floral fabric is for the dress. I'm planning to sew the white dress.