Mini Break

We went on our annual camping trip to the San Juan Islands this weekend. I love it up there! Every time we're there we fantasize about leaving the city and moving up there. Aaahh, to live the island life. The locals say that winter is pretty bleak. I figure if I have some hobbies (oh I don't know, maybe knitting or pottery) to keep me busy I could manage the other six months of the year. Just waiting to hit it big with the lottery.

We camped on Lopez Island, our favorite, because it has fewer tourists than the larger islands, but there is just enough accommodations for us car-campers. The weather was great on Friday and Sunday. We had to scrap the kayaking on Saturday due to the torrential down pour. This gave us an opportunity ferry over to Orcas Island to do a mini hike, see the view from Mt. Constitution, which is breathtaking even with the cloudy skies, and visit some the pottery studios on the island.

Here are some pics from the trip.

Going to the San Juans always means a beautiful scenic ride on the ferry.

A view from the campgrounds, Spencer Spit.

Orcas Island Pottery Studio. Located at the end of a winding dirt road. What a location for a studio!

Ceramic wall hangings.


Blown glass from Crow Valley Pottery Studio and Gallery.

A view from the lookout tower of Mt. Constitution. A 360 view. On a clear day you can see forever...pretty darn near it.

Lopez Village

Long wait in the ferry line is opportunity to knit! I brought two projects with me and was able to get some knitting in during the wait.

Progress has been made on ChicKami. Had to pull out and start over because the first cast on was too tight. I'm on the increase portion of the bodice.


One disappointment of the trip was the cost of the ferry ride. Forty plus dollars for a car and two people!! Fifteen more if you take your car on a westbound trip after stopping on one of the islands. Make that two disappointing things...National Parks should be free for all.

This post took forever!! Had to take a break to watch Queer Eye for the Straight Guy...
I think I will upload the rest of the pics to photo navy from work 'cause this home computer is slooow.