Almost Done

I'm this close to finishing Nancy. Aahhh. The satisfaction of a completed project. I'm at work knitting the collar. Hope to have it done tonight.

This weekend I won a bid for this dress form. I've been looking for one for a while.

Been resisting ebay because I was hoping to find a it at a thrift store. No such luck. And I was getting tired of trekking around the local thrift stores every weekend. Finally gave in and went to ebay.

Also, I have been searching like crazy to find Phildar yarn for this beauty. I was attempting to translate the pattern this weekend. My French is tres rusty but I was able comprehend a good portion of it. Thank you Anna for the complete translation. Just found it today. Anna mentioned that there is interest in a knitalong. Just need to locate the yarn. There is a Dutch site that carries the Phildar yarn. I'm waiting to hear from them about shipping to the US. In my search I found Phildar's Webzine. There are some free patterns but didn't find any I like. I prefer the company site where the cardi pattern was listed.

Here's a another picture of the stripe cardigan. In this photo you can see the variegation in the Plaisance yarn.