ChicKami by weekend's end?

Here's an update on ChicKami. No big plans for the weekend so perhaps I can finish up the tank. Digging through my closet I found the perfect skirt to go with the tank.

The picture came out a bit yellow on the skirt but the little "dots" on the skirt is a perfect color match with the yarn.

Plans also include work on the sewing projects. I cut the patterns for the skirt last night. It dawned on me that I should use my tranfer pencil to trace and heat transfer the skirt markings. Duh. This will be especially helpful with the pleated skirt.

Killer heat wave across Europe. Major blackout on the eastern seaboard. Yikes. I hope those folks trapped in elevators are okay. That's the last place I would want to be trapped. Also hope folks can get back online soon. On other national news. This is a little old, but I would like to thank GW for the tax cut that has saved me a whopping $1.20 a month on my paycheck. I had a good laugh when I saw it. The California governor's race...what's going on? Of course Arnold is the front runner, the media keeps talking about him giving him free press. The NYT put him on the Sunday front page! Why?!!

On to happier news closer to home... I recieved the coveted kingpin award at work today. :-) Great to know my workers appreciate my work. Nice group of people to work with everyday.