My camera was delivered toningt. Airborne Express came back in the evening to deliver it. It's pretty nifty. Pictures are coming soon, I promise.

On the knitting front I'm done with one bootie and about to start the next. It took a few tries to get going. Lots of pulling out an starting over and after the third time I got the pattern I wanted. Just hope it will fit one of my nephews. The magic loop is working nicely on the Denise needles.

I've been pretty busy with work that I hardly have time to read my regular knitting blogs. Hopefully things will improve next week but I think things are just gearing up and may not slow down until the end of August. Speaking of August my work is having a craft fair that month. Ten percent of the vendor's sales go to the school for the child patients. There's usually one or two knitters selling there FOs. I sold my pottery last year and made a killing even with the 10% going to the kids. Since then I haven't had time or resources to throw any pottery. It's been about eight months since I've sat at a wheel. But I have knitting now and this hobby I can do in the comfort of my home. No driving to the studio. Though, I miss getting muddy and dusty (when the clay dries).

I'm going back to play with my new toy.