Hot Hot Hot!

Have I complained enough about the weather? Sorry, I can't stop. It's not like I didn't spend three years in wretched urban summer heat and humidity and that I was born in a tropical climate zone. Really, it's because of the lack of ventilation in our place. Yes, all the windows are open but we face the alley so air is not circulating through.

Spent some of the weekend watching movies. What's your opinion of Legally Blonde 2? At first I was hesitant to see it, you know, the whole sequal thing. Rented Laurel Canyon and 24 Hour Party People. Saw the first one, need to watch the second. Not sure what Laurel Canyon was all about. I can't give it a fair assessment since I was sewing while the movie was playing. Hopefully, 24 Hour Party People will be worth the time. I have heard good things about this movie.

Anyhoo, I am trying to finish Nancy. I only have the plackets and collar to knit. Goal for this week is to work on it everyday even if it's only a couple of rows a day.

Here's something else from my productive weekend.

Booties for the little nephew.