How did they get that in the lake?

Look at what landed in the lake this weekend. On Saturday driving home we passed by the state ferrry renovation site, which is a couple blocks from us, and there she was. Sort caught me by surprise I had to do a double take. It wasn't there Friday night. We had walked down to the Thai restaurant that is practically across the street from the renovation site and definitely did not see there that night.

Here she is, Empress of the North, up close.

As I was flipping through the new issue of Sunset Monday night I saw an ad for this paddle boat in the travel section. She travels along the Columbia and was advertised as a Lewis and Clark scenic cruise. It's kind of neat to see her in our neighborhood. A change from the ferries that are usually docked there.

Knitting news. Well, not much progress. It's been pretty warm this week and I haven't felt like knitting. I know, I know, I should have the urge regardless of temperature! Also, the weekend was busy with my parents here and my brother's family in town. I've slated tomorrow night for some work. My thursday tv line-up will be Amazing Race, Will & Grace, and that new show where six gay guys make over a straight guy. That will be two hours I can catch up on knitting.