Sew, what did I do this weekend?

Went on a garage sale excursion. Didn't find anything worth going to the bank to get cash for. There were lots of sales. I was hoping somebody was selling a decent dresser to replace the one we have. Didn't see much furniture at the sales I hit.

Then went to the eastside to visit a yarn store I heard about, and after much aimless driving (I didn't have the exat address) around an unfamiliar area I located the address...low and behold it has been closed down. That's right, out of business. On the way home I went to the fabric store to rummage around and got sewing fever. I was inspired to sew myself a summery top. Something quick and simple, or so I thought. The pattern looked simple enough. Took me all night and a couple of hours this morning to complete it. I had to shorten the top portion this morning which meant ripping apart the top and bottom portion, cut to correct length, re-sew the gather and sew back the pieces. Wish I realized last night that the top portion was too long and that's why it looked baggy on me. And the armhole was a two-hour ordeal! Should have trusted the instructions...I thought their method would make it look too "home-made" so I attempted to sew the armhole like the neckline and it was a disaster! So, this morning I ripped it out and followed instructions. Very satisfied with the results. Take a look.

Pattern & Cut pieces

Top portion & Almost finished top

Finished! & Me and top

More photos! I updated my project gallery.