Too Lazy

...to take pics of my first completed Beaded Martha sleeve. Had to spend most of the time fixing the friggin' template 'cause it wasn't up to snuff. So close to being done with Martha. I've been so unfaithful during this project. I kept looking for the next thing to knit and spending time looking for yarn to start the next project once Martha is done with when I should have been working on Martha. I strayed. I'm a knitting floozy!! Speaking of wandering eye, have you seen the new VK? First issue I want to buy in a long time. There is a bolero in there that is very similar to Elspeth.

Those who love Cook's Illustrated will love Christopher Kimball's latest venture.

It full of comfort foods like fried chicken, potato pie, pasta...

dessert ideas...


Crafty ideas with plant supplies. One plant stand, six plant dishes, six candles, and two pot "bras," as I like to call them.

The "bra" slips over terra cotta pots, but they are also great as votives.

Cut some vellum paper into lampshade shape, slip on the inside, add a tea candle in the middle, and you've got yourself a votive.

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