Progress? Yes!

Back (couldn't stop hands from shaking, hence blurriness)

Beads close up


It has been slow, but I'm making progress on Beaded Martha.

While down in Portland I went to Lint, finally. The layout of the store is pretty cool and the seating area was nice, I didn't care much for it. Part of it had to do with what sounded like a regular knitter at the store bad-mouthing about another knitter. I was browsing the books and could not but hear her complain, she was so friggin' loud, and it gave the store a really snobby-not-really-worth-a-second-visit vibe. Plus, it was pretty pricey. I'll be sticking to Yarn Garden on Hawthorne. Before hitting Lint I went to check out KnitPicks' headquarter (Crafts Americana Group) in Vancouver, they have an outlet store there. Well, when walked in the sign over one of the doorways indicated that they had an entire room devoted to yarn. Score!! Um, Not! I walked in and the room was empty. Apparently they pulled all the yarn and were getting ready for a sale next Monday!! What a bust! I was so excited to get some discount yarn.

This is what happens when you let a four year old play with your camera.

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