It's like riding a bike.

It took me a little bit more time than I thought to get back to knitting sweaters. Apparently I'm not the only one to have issues with the yarn over pattern in Elspeth. There was a lot of frogging going on. I frogged each piece at least once. Yes, the pattern is simple enough but I had the hardest time keeping it correct. It took me a few tries to get back to reading patterns, especially Rowan patterns. Why are they written like that?! I hate it. I can already imagine how fun it will be to seam and to add the picot trim. It will be a miracle if she's done by the weekend's end. Wish me luck.

Now remember, if you add stitch be sure to decrease one. It's as simple as that.

Four down, one more to go.

I'm already thinking of the next project: Beaded Martha. The Elann Baby Silk came today and I will be getting the beads this weekend. I really should focus on one project at time... whatever!

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