Okay, it wasn't so bad. I was dreading seaming and crocheting the edges of Elspeth, but it was pretty painless. Planning it out was very helpful. I told myself I would only seam and crochet during the day because it's much better with the natural light than being hunched over by the light in the evening. I got as far as doing the crocheting around the edge of the body and one sleeve. There is still the picot part to do. The pattern says to crochet dc stitches around the edge which I find too big, I used the hdc stitch instead.

I also got started on Beaded Martha. See as this yarn is fingering weight it may take until May to finish!

It is clear now that this nice weather comes with a price. It's not official yet but they are declaring that we are in for a drought this summer. Whoa! Not pretty at all.

Might as well enjoy what we've got going right now and worry about the drought later.

It's pink everywhere you look.

I love these cacti-like plants that grow on rocks.

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