Okay, it has been a long time coming but I finally put on the last button for Beaded Martha. Um... wait, I still need one more button. I bought two packs of four shell buttons but the garment needed nine. I think it looks just as good with the "missing" button. The sleeves are longer than I would have liked. The pattern calls for three quarter length, but on me three quarter is too long or they look too short. The alpaca silk is so soft and smooth.

It was hard to take a picture to show off the sparklie beads.

Here's a bit of the sparkles.

Strike a pose!

Another FO, almost. It is from the Spring VK. I know, can you believe that they finally have some decent patterns in this issue.

Again, the camera does not capture the intensity of the red. The red has a blue tint to it making a really reach color

I love these t-shirts. Pho shizzle!!

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