Hooking may not be so bad

Of course, I am referring to the crafty kind and not the illegal kind.

Check these out:

Patterns can be found here.

Additional comments on the Trina top (I'm happy that people like it!):

-- Online Clip is suppose to gauge 5sts/inch, but I was able to get the pattern gauge of 4.5sts/inch with my #7 Addis.
-- It was easy to manipulate during the blocking process, so don't fret too much if it looks a tad small while knitting.
-- Definitely use a size 4 hook for the crochet edging. I used a 5 and spent a lot of time loosening the sc stitches so they weren't too tight.
-- As I mentioned earlier, check the sleeve measurements because the pattern given is too small. If you needed to add stitched to fit your arms it should be pretty simple since it a raglan sleeve; more decrease rows than what the pattern instructs.

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