Uh oh...

Yup, not enough yarn to finish that lovely Adrianne Vittadini eyelet sweater. It's a little disappointing to put so much time and effort into knitting it only to come up short. The thing was that once I got to the armhole shaping where I started knitting the front and back in separately the stitches for stockinette and purl got wonky. The tension was visibly different, and many attempts at re-knitting did not fix the problem. I was going to live with it if I had enough yarn to finish, but not having to look at the inconsistent tension is sort of a relief. I frogged it, rewound it, amd "re-packaged" it. Now what can I knit with ten balls of cotton silk? There is this shell that is knit widthwise but I'm not too crazy about the shaping of the pattern.


I've got a new regiment. I am doing the stairs that go from Lakeview Boulevard up to 10th Ave. These stairs sort of connect Eastlake and Capitol Hill making it a long ass climb. Today I did two and a third climbs. Walking home my legs were like jelly. I was afraid that they would give out on the way down one of the steep side streets. Also treacherous is trying to cross Boylston where cars zoom by to merge onto I-5!

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