Love reading about the London Tube. It takes me back to a time when I was free from worries about career, money, and "adult" resposibilities. I became part of the crowd riding down the escalator, stepping onto the train, grabbing onto the overhead rail, and watching people come and go at each stop. I will forever stand to the right and walk on the left when taking an escalator. In a crowd I will walk with the flow of traffic, otherwise you are just asking for disaster. Anything you want to do you could by Tube. One Spring day riding to work they forced everyone off and out of King's Cross because of a reported fire. Delay time was uncertain so you had to find alternate modes of transportation to get to your destination. Simple enough if aboveground wasn't so darn confusing. Tube lines are color coded anyone could decipher a best route in a minute, but London streets are like a maze, no parallel streets can be found, one merges into another and becomes another name, or simply becomes another name. I got scared. How was I going to get to work? What bus can I take? What side of the street should I catch the bus on, where do I get off? I circled around the station, and thank goodness, it was a false alarm and we were allowed back in the station to resume our journey. It was close, I was almost forced to use the bus.

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