Happy Talk

I am trying to keep the negative, unhelpful, and depression inducing thoughts to a minimum this week. I've heard that if you smile often, there by flexing the muscles on your face, it will become second nature to have an up turn mouth. Thus the smile, whatever your mood, affects people around you who will in turn send positive vibes back to you. Good in theory. Let's put it to the test.

I've finished the Vittadini eyelet sweater, technically. The iron is warming up, and I am ready for some blocking. More importantly this means I can start another project. That plaid coat from IK is tempting. I was reading over the pattern last night and saw that it requires size 13! Sure, big needles means fewer cast on stitches, but 13? Those are huge. I only have 13s in Denise, and I've been trying to avoid use my Denise needle. Plastic. Enough said. Knitting with the Denise needles in that size is like knitting with two rolls of pennies.

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