Mad for plaid and just plain mad

Very productive night. Always feels good to accomplish something new. I was a little worried it would take me most of the night to figure out the stitch pattern, but this was pretty easy. It is also knitting up in a snap. My only challenge so far is keeping all the yarn organized and not to get it too tangled. I can't exactly snuggle up on the sofa and knit away with this. I sit in the middle of the living room in front of the yarn trails and knit away, always mindful to detangle after every two rows.

Look, see how pretty it's shaping up.

Oh what a tangled web I weave...


I about blew a gasket today when I opened the mail today. So many knitters write about the joy of getting mail, but my mail was something entirely different. They have been trying to build this @%$#-ing monorail system here for the last five years or more, I can't remember how long, and finally got enough votes to tax everyone last September. People living in the city would pay for this tax through vehicle registration fees. Sure, I understand that taxes are part of living in any community, but I don't want to spend over a billion, yes, billion with a big fat "B", to build a two lines system that doesn't even serve the most populated neighborhoods. The initiative was passed mere months before my tags expired, and the tax took effect right away, so I paid handsomely last year. This year my tags will cost me $284!!!

I understand the benefits public transportation can provide to people in the community. When I lived abroad my existence depended on public transportation: commuting to work, shopping, visiting friends, having a safe ride home when I was too inebriated. It's just that they should have built this thing years ago, and now the time has passed and it's just not feasible. In November I'm voting for the recall on the levy!

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