Give me air!

The ventelation has gone beserk, the air in here is not circulating and it is stuffy! I'm reading this blog about the Tube and the climate in here is causing deja vu. Anyone who has experience summer in London will know what it's like to be packed into a carriage car, particularly on the Northen Line. Back when I had to take three separate lines to get to work it was always the trains on the Northen Line, I swear these were the same carriages people rode in during WWII, that made me feel like I was trapped in a coffin. The smell of sweaty business men lingered in the car, especially on the commute home. Oh, and then there was the soot. Tissue is a must. The air over the city in general is filthy. A friend of mine bought a Vespa to zip around the city and after a week of zipping aroung he developed a nasty ear infection. The cause? Breathing in the exhaust fumes while in traffic. It migrated through his nasal and ear passages.

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