Ikea will never be the same for me.

Finally fed up with crappy partical board furniture and too cheap to got to a real furniture store I decided to buy another piece from Ikea, only this time made of real wood, well, pine, 'cuz really that's as real as they get at Ikea. We spend two hours going to the warehous, tried to decipher what piece was made of pine, load 50 pound, maybe 75 pound box, into the car and drive home. As we are pulling it out of the trunk my DH does the worse thing one can possibly do: he twisted and lifted at the same time. Yes, he pulled a back muscle. Still I manage to help him carry this huge rectangular box of pine wood into the apartment building. My DH threw out his back trying to haul it himself and passed out from the pain in on the stairs. I had to dragged him up to our apartment after being nursed back from unconsciousness. Left with a huge box of unassembled furniture I couldn't very well carry up myself I ripped the box open and hauled it up piece by piece. In too much pain to do anything but lay on the floor drugged out on muscle relaxant hubby couldn't help my put togther

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