With or without

Was flipping through the new Lucky tonight, and notices lots of chunky knitty things for fall. Yes! Knitters are such trendsetters. We rock! Also in the mag were lots of cute pleated skirts in all sorts of styles. This inspired me to dust off something that had been draped over my kitchen chair for, oh, about 10 months, and finally finish basting the hem. The final decision is with or without the little faux belt loop thingy.

Asymmetrical top is coming along slowly. It's been too hot to knit anything and I've been enthralled in a couple of books. I'm a over a hundred pages into The Corrections, and is it just me or is it the intention of the author to make all these characters unsympathetic? Chip is a big baby, Alfred is a sort a coot, Enid is an uptight ninny, Denise is just too condescending, and Gary is starting to come across as one of those dull-white-suburban guys one sees pushing strollers at Green Lake.

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