Light my fire...

"Hey, dude, can I get a light for this cigarette?"

"Oh yeeaah!"

The last really exciting Olympic Games peaked for me back in the early
nineties; Barcelona and Lillehammer. Ever since then it's been, well, too
hyped and over produced. I've been watching since the opening ceremonies,
and can't say I've been excited at the outcome. NBC made me wait until
passed eleven o'clock to see the swimming finals yesterday! It's not like
no one knew the outcome. Hello, it's like a 9-10 hour difference! Anyway,
NBC's coverage is not good. I much prefer the CBC coverage, lucky me to
live close enough to the border that the local cable company has CBC on the
menu. They are not prone to tease viewers for 5 hours about an event that
last less than two minutes. They don't have Bob Costas. Even when their
country is not competing in an event they show you other countries, granted
it's usually one of the Commonwealth countries.

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