Hurry down to The Weaving Works for the Anniversary Sale! It's until Sunday, go early for the good stuff. It was meant to be that I discovered the sale I tell you. At the end of the day I'm sitting at my desk when my boss hands me a gift card to REI, for some work we did last Spring, and I think this would be even better if I could convert it to cash for yarn. (Don't get me wrong I was very appreciative the gesture.) Then I get the idea to head to the U-District to see if they have that Debbie Bliss Denim Book. As the shop comes into view I see SALE signs in the windows, ooh, this is good, I tell myself. 30% off on cotton and cotton blend, 15% off wool, alpaca and stuff, and 10% off all books. Woohoo, jackpot. Alas, they did not have that Debbie Bliss book, but I did get the new Rowan book. Picked up some Cotton Fleece, Mission Falls Cotton. I'm going back tomorrow because I only had about an hour to browse before they closed.

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