Back? Check. Right and left front? Check. Sleeves? Check. Collar? Check. Cuffs? Check. Yup, all the pieces are accounted for and ready for seaming. Turns out I had enough of the main color left to make the cuffs. The pattern calls for light blocking. You could go without blocking if you wanted. Takes forever to dry, even with the light blocking.

Honest to goodness the ends have been weaved. I am a little commitment phobe when it comes to snipping off the ends. I wait until all the pieces are in place, test out the fit, and then snip like I'm Edward Scissorhands.

If I'm not the world's best aunt then the world just isn't right...

click to see the inside

On a whim at the fabric store, while waiting in line to buy my giant safety pin for the tartan jacket, I see Halloween fabric for sale and decide to make the nephews trick or treat bags. All the other kids will have those plastic pumpkins to carry around, but my nephews will be rockin' with these bags.

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