Sucked in

I finally saw an episode of Lost. Ooh, it's good. It's my highly improbable drama of the week to replace Alias, which is not on until the next year. So much mystery unfolding so slowly, but still so captivating. Who are these people? What is this island they are on? What's with the dead people? Dominic Monaghan is great as Charlie. Aah, then there is Naveen Andrews.

Looks like there will be a Friday Alpaca shawl. I couldn't get it done last night. The book sucked me in for several hours. Too funny, I tell you. Also, The New Yorker has a great portrait/photo essay, "Democracy", by the late Richard Avedon. There's a portrait of a West Point cadet, and on his shiny buckle you can see the entire photography crew reflected on it. I found it mesmerizing.

Another trip down memory lane.

soy sauce dispenser and plate

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