Aye, she's a bonnie lass.

The rows really do line up, I just need to pin more carefully.

Well, she's all done. Love it when projects don't require button holes/buttons. I can see this baby fuzzing up like crazy in a short amount of time. She left my carpet a lovely shade of pink. The vacuum cleaner was a full of red/pink lint. Oh, and now the weather is wet, wet, wet, so wearing her without any covering will give me a lovely wet dog smell! Still, I love this jacket. Makes me want to go hike the Highlands or sit by the fire and sing songs by the Corries, not to be mistaken for The Corrs. If you've ever been to Scotland and done the Haggis Tour you definitely know who the Corries are. After three days on the bus "Flower of Scotland" is burned forever into your mind. It's a requirement that you know every verse before they let you leave the tour!


more details

I did have to do some adjustments. One, I had to use needle size 15 to get close to the correct gauge. Two, I had to add more rows to the second horizontal main color block to get the body to correct length. Three, I had to increase a couple more sleeve stitches to make the upper arm a little wider. And finally, I had to do my
own creative increase in the collar because I couldn't make sense of the instructions in the pattern. Keeping all the yarn from being a tangled mess was not as difficult as you may think. Be sure to be consistent with your intarsia twist on both rows and it should detangle on its own after the second row. Run your fingers through and it will separate, no problem. Also, when turning to knit the next row remember to turn the opposite way after the end of the row so you don't continue to twist all the yarn together.

I really like this stitch pattern. So many things you could do with it: bags, pillows, scarves, and more. The pillows would be a fun project.

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