Protein and yarn

The past several days I've had this insatiable craving for protein! Friday night I made some yummy chicken sausage pizza using left of Trader Joe's Vodka Spaghetti sauce sans cheese, by the way, this is an excellent combinations. I picked at the sausage, and greedily snagged more sausage pieces to top off my slices. The next day I woke up craving eggs. As soon as I was conscious all I could think about was frying up some eggs over easy. That night I scarfed down some veggie and tofu stir fry, again, greedily taking a lot more tofu than veggies. Still not satisfied after the meal, I popped a chicken sausage into the microwave. Sunday morning I resisted having eggs again, so was left with only having coffee to read with the paper. The entire time all I wanted was a big juicy Red Mill Burger. I convinced my sweetie that we needed to go get some. We got the Phinney Ridge location at 11:30, a whole half hour before they opened. I was coaxed into strolling around the neighborhood until it opened. Good thing I gave in because we walked by Fiber Gallery, or is it Fiber Art Gallery? We perused the store for about ten minutes seeing what they offered in way of yarn. Lots of nice stuff: the usual Cascade, Brown Sheep supplies, and some other fancy stuff. They carried something called recycled silk from Tibet. The texture was like burlap, not smooth and sensual like silk at ll. The store is very spacious and bright, I like that. A good location with plenty of parking.

Okay, back to the meat (ha ha) of my story. We got back to the burger joint right at noon and alreay a line had formed. This queue extended out the front door: the burgers are that good. Hubby graciously volunteered to stand in line and do the ordering so I could snag one of the few in door tables. Twenty minutes later I had in front of me the Verde Burger, a grilled burger topped with roasted Anaheim peppers. I took my time to savor every bite because we try to limit our burger outings to once a month. It's taken us a while to go through the whole menu and I can recommend almost everything on the menu except for the veggie burger. Come on, it's a burger joint after all. Finally, I satisfied my weekend long craving. We went home and I took a long nap. Perfect weekend ending.

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