"MMMmmmm Beer..."

Has anyone tasted the goodnesss that is Lambic? It is available at Trader Joe's and Larry's Market. I have tried framboise and cassis, and have to say cassis is my favorite. The cassis, or blackcurrant, is like Ribena with a tangy alcoholic kick. Saveur has an informative article about the history and brewing process of this unique beer. I've only had Lindemans (love that art nouveau label) and hope to find another brewer to do a taste comparison.

Voila! No-Sweat est complet. My modifications are as follows:

1. I knitted this in two pieces. The front and back of each side were knitted as one piece, eliminating the side seams.

2. To sew the pieces, first turn wrong-side out and sew both the in-seams. Keep one leg wrong-side out, then put the leg that is right-side out in the wrong-side out so that the right sides are facing each other. Line up the front and back seams of both pieces and sew. There you have it...pants.

3. Instead of crotcheting a tie I used 3/8" gros grain ribbon. With a tapestry needle, the eye should be large enough for the 3/8" ribbon, if not us a safety pin, baste the ribbon to the waist, baste stitch is one inch long and the tie is one inch from the top. Overlap both ends of the tie so that you can easily cinch the waist.

I was planning to knit two inches more of the waist so I could fold it over to create a casing for the tie, but thought that the fold would be too thick. Blocking Homespun on high heat... not a good idea. The acrylic/polyester fibers did not like the high heat. It has lost its trademark fuzzy-ness.