Happy Happy, Joy Joy!

I love working for an organization that not only give employees vacation days and sick days (and a lot of sick days) but also personal days! It's not even nine in the morning, and I have sorted the laundry, mopped the kitchen floor, and blogging! OOh, ooh another reason I'm happy... two words...tax refund! I checked my bank account and see that the IRS has deposited my refund. Yea, for finishing the dreaded thing early and YEA! for getting money back.

Looking at my projects list on the left there I see that I've listed more things there than I've listed on the recently completed list. I was thinking the other day that I should create a UFO graveyard, a memorial to projects that got me excited and happy, but only to die a slow death by my neglect. Each one would have a tombstone with a description of why I wanted to start the project but why/how it fell out off my radar.