Cool thing #1: The weather is f*cking awesome! What the heck am I doing inside?

Cool thing #2: We had a visit from a bigwig. She came to give a talk, and as she was walking through the lobby she noticed a display for our wellness program and was interested in the concept. Direct quote from the person who was hosting her: "quite interested." She asked that they send her assistant the website link. She thinks our program would be a great idea for her organization. Does this not rock?! Our humble little program has been recognized! It's been a lot of work, and to know that people like what we've done is so great. Not just because some bigwig liked the idea but that we had over 75 people come to one of our events today on their lunch hour when for the first time this year the weather was so amazingly summer like.

Cool thing #3: No-Sweat is three inches from being done. I can't believe I finally finished a knitting project. It's been so long that I can't remember the last project I finished.