Back in the saddle.

I've been too melancholy—with a bit of ennui thrown in—to post this week. Eventhough the weather has been great, sunny and warm all week, I just felt poopy. Then someone gave me a gift certificate to my favorite LYS, and I cheered up. I purchase the new Rowan magazine and feel inspired to knit more than socks and hand warmers. I got very excited in the car last night flipping through the new Rowan that we did the grocery shopping in under 20 minutes so I could get home to see if my stash of Linen Drape would work on Elspeth. It does! Beaded Martha is also another possibility. How about in Elann's Baby Silk?

A Good Bias is half done.

Mission Falls 1824 cotton is strange. I don't know if I like.

Some shots from our day trip to Port Townsend last weekend. Imagine Star Hollows only twice as big. Quaint, lots of historical charm, and lots of B&Bs/Inns. Sure enough, the battery died before we started our trek through the town's main streets, but the surrounding area was lovely. Fort Warden and the beaches are great.

Gourgeous day at the beach.

Rusty bunker door.

Front side of the fort. The fort is a labrynth. Some of the rooms and corridors were dark and creepy!

Stairs leading up to top of the fort.

Upper level of the fort.

Last shot before the battery ran dry. The main business street is much nicer than this. Lots of Victorian era buildings.

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