Five cough drops, two cups of tea, 64 ounces of water, and my voice still
sounds like a fog horn. I'm just glad not to be congested with icky phlegm.
It just dry, really dry. Need to go home and rest.

How to feel old and un-hip: visit the I Heart Rummage sale. Went last
weekend to check it out and I felt really old afterwards. Lot's of young
kids being creative, which is cool. One vendor made some totally cool bags,
coin purses and make-up bags from pleather. She had great decorative
stitching on the front. I was really tempted to get one but held back. I
did manage to get her card. Maybe next month. Every other vendor at the
sale was knitting, even if they weren't selling knitting crafts. Another
vendor felted these cell phone cozies in these great alien like shapes;
they were great. There were also felted rings, strange sounding, I know,
but they were really unique and creative.

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