bring on (more of) the heat!

bring on the heat!
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I was so ready for the heat! I got this baby a week in advance of the record breaking heat wave we had yesterday. Man, was it hot! Brick building, south west exposure and multiple window fans is like a convection oven! Doing anything out of range of the A/C's path was unbearable. Sure, we NW people complain while eastcoasters get this type of weather throughout most of the summer, but they are equipped with A/C everywhere! Out here central air is rare in a home. I know the electricity bill is going to be a bitch to pay with this thing running but it is so worth it.

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Gaile said...

Hope you had a chance to cool down finally! That heat wave was something wasn't it! Even up here we were hot. Then of course, it decided to rain for 8 days straight. ugh.